Our Commitment:

Glasshaus is providing this privacy statement to you as a registered User of one or more of our products or as a visitor to our web site. We may change this privacy statement from time to time and will post those changes here to keep you up-to-date on how we may be collecting and using your personal information. Glasshaus is committed to protecting the privacy of visitors to our web site and Users of our products. We are providing this privacy statement to you because we take privacy issues seriously. We want to be up front about how we may be collecting and using information about you through our website. We believe that an individual’s online experience should be pleasant, safe and free from unsolicited and unwanted contact and e-mail. It is our policy to not distribute information about customer websites, auctions and contact information.

How We Use Cookies:

Glasshaus uses “cookies” to validate Users authorized to access our various products. A cookie is a text file that is placed on your computer by a web server. Glasshaus does not use cookies to track any personal information about a User. For example, the User ID (log in name) and the site ID (company name) are tracked to allow Missing Madam Z to determine whether or not the User is authorized (i.e. licensed) to access a specific product on our web site. Also, a machine ID is identified to ensure that only one person uses the User ID at one time. In addition, the User may, at his or her option, identify a workgroup or project that in turn establishes a cookie; this option is provided not for Glasshaus purposes but to permit a User’s organization to charge back costs internally.

Your Computer:

Glasshaus may track and retain information about the computing environment you use to access our web site and products, such as your IP address, browser type or operating system. We collect and analyze this information for the continued improvement of our products. For example, tracking the computing environments most frequently used by our customers can help us to accommodate the most appropriate browser types and versions. Additionally, our record of IP addresses that access our products allows us to determine the source or cause of error messages that may appear in our products at any given time, or to assist customers who may be experiencing technical difficulties while accessing the Glasshaus and Missing Madam Z products.

Personal Information You Provide:

The personal information you provide to Glasshaus allows us to determine if you are an authorized User of one or more of our products, for which you or your organization may or may not have paid a fee. We need to know your personal information in order to provide you with all the benefits you are entitled to receive as an authorized User of our products. Glasshaus may retain the personal information you provide to us in order to more easily assist you with customer service or technical support of our products and to continue to forward new product information.

Do We Aggregate User Data?

Glasshaus may aggregate the information you provide with similar information collected from other visitors to our web site or Users of our products in order to evaluate or enhance our web site or products. Specifically, Glasshaus may use the aggregated data to determine the usage patterns or interests of visitors to our web site or Users of our products, or for purposes related to the technical support or security of this web site and our computer systems. The aggregated data that we evaluate, however, contains no personal information or other information that could identify an individual.

Track Usage within the Glasshaus Web Site:

We may track usage information within our products based upon the number of reports and types of reports that are accessed by a particular User. We do this to monitor authorized usage of our products and to improve the design and functionality of our products. Customers can also track the total number of reports in the product that are accessed at the User level or accessed by all Users within their organization for administrative purposes.

We may also aggregate corporate or industry information accessed by all of our clients. We do this in order to appreciate the types of companies and industries for which our customers require information, which in turn improves the quality of our products. Glasshaus does not correlate the accessed corporate or industry information to a specific User or to a particular organization.

Do We Provide User Information to Third Parties?

Glasshaus does not share your personal information or any usage information with third parties, except that Glasshaus may, on occasion, provide some general usage information from our products to our data suppliers for royalty-related purposes. Any information that we may provide to our data suppliers contains no personal details about individual Users. Additionally, no information that we collect from our web site or products or that you provide to us is ever sold to third parties. When appropriate or required we may disclose information, including personal information, collected from our web site or products to protect our legal rights or in response to a court order, or in connection with a sale or merger of Glasshaus or its assets. Glasshaus will strive to make such disclosures subject to protective orders or confidentiality agreements.

Marketing Glasshaus Products:

When you register as a User of Glasshaus products you have the option to allow us to contact you about our products and services. In order to evaluate your use of our products, Glasshaus may track which functions of our products you use most frequently. This information will help us provide you with only the most relevant and useful information about our products, as well as suggestions that could enhance your use of our products. If you decide at any time that you no longer wish to receive communications from us you may opt out by updating your account details, except that you may still receive certain communications from us at the request of your organization. Glasshaus will not share information about your use of our products with third parties.

Data Security:

We always use industry-standard encryption technologies when transferring and receiving consumer data from within our site. We have appropriate security measures in place in our physical facilities to protect against the unauthorized access, loss, misuse or alteration of information that we have collected from you at our site. The Glasshaus servers are physically secure and may only be accessed by Glasshaus technical or support personnel whose jobs specifically relate to maintaining the integrity of the Glasshaus servers or supporting product-related functions. Such individuals are required to maintain the security of the servers and the confidentiality of the information contained in the servers.

Third Party Sites:

As a subscriber to our products you may decide to visit a third party’s web site through a limited number of links available in our products and pages. Although the Glasshaus and Missing Madam Z branding may still be visible, you will be subject to that third party’s privacy policy, if one exists. We seriously encourage you to review the privacy policies of third party web sites you choose to visit. Glasshaus is not responsible for how that third party may collect or use your personal information.

Maintenance of Personal Information:

You may access and change your personal information as often as you like and even print out a copy of the personal information for your records. It is in your own interest to update personal details as and when necessary.

If You Should Have Concerns about Your Personal Information:

Should you have a concern about Glasshaus collection or use of your personal information, we would like to hear about it. Please contact us via our on-site contact page.


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