After searching far and wide for a property that would suit our needs (Live, Work, Teach, Host, Garden, THRIVE), we are thrilled to announce our upcoming move to the town of Camaiore in Western Tuscany (Lucca Province).

With the mountains at our backs and the sea just 5 kilometers away, the position is wonderful. The bustling town of Camaiore is smallish by most standards but certainly much larger than our current village of Apricale which weighs in at just 614 residents. And Camaiore is unique in today’s world as it is primarily populated with locally owned businesses rather than the same old corporate types you see in most cities.

What’s in the area? In addition to mountain hiking, stunning waterfalls and the buzz of Tuscany’s seaside, the beautiful art town of Pietrasanta is just a few minutes away (where Michelangelo purchased his marble), as are the Forte Dei Marmi and Viareggio beaches.

Seeking something more? Florence is just over an hour away in one direction, as is Genoa in the other (with the stunning Cinque Terre villages in between). And let’s not forget the beautiful walled town of Lucca (25 minutes), Pisa (35 minutes), the famous marble quarries of Carrara (20 minutes)… Need I go on?

We are now accepting reservations for classes in our Camaiore studio from 15 June, 2017. And, for the first time, we are also able to offer on-site accommodation; a charming studio suite with private access, bathroom (with shower) and even a fireplace for our winter guests. The suite opens directly onto the garden and we even have an outdoor pizza oven (that we still need to master)!

The area is easily accessible by car, bus and train (train stop is Lido Di Camaiore). Camaiore town center is foot and bike friendly and just a few minutes walk from our door.

So make plans now to join us in our new home – we look forward to your visit!

Tim & Lily

  1. David 9 months ago

    Wow! Gypsy feet or what! I can definitely see the attraction to Camaiore but what soured Apricale for you. Was it tininess of it all? I wish you great success in the new venture and will watch with interest. Ciao mi amores!

  2. Author
    Tim James 9 months ago

    Not “soured” so much as we were pushed out by the housing market, or lack thereof.

    Our Apricale apartment, while beautiful with sweeping views etc., was difficult in a number of ways. One in particular is that it is a summer apartment, while in the winter we were freezing our asses off. Because of this, we spent months looking for another apartment in the area to move to at the end of our 1-year contract. But the housing market in this part of Liguria can be very frustrating.

    A bit of background: Italian laws are such that once a tenant is in, they can be difficult to remove. Often this leads to scenarios where tenants just stop paying the rent, while still living on the premises. It can take years to oust someone through legal channels and therefore many property owners prefer to just have the property sit empty rather than take the risk.

    It’s an odd situation; EVERYTHING is for sale but very little is for rent. Or if for rent it’s usually a 1-year “tourist” contract rather than long-term. For us, short-term contracts are very restrictive. For example; we weren’t willing to invest in better heating for a property whose contract expires in just a few short months. Hence the search for a new place.

    And we LOOKED. Starting in Apricale and then expanding out from there. We ended up looking at properties so far from Apricale and our friends there, that we just couldn’t justify using it as our point of reference anymore. Instead, we found exactly what we wanted back in Tuscany, although in an area we’ve never lived before.

    Camaiore and that part of Tuscany is quite similar in many ways to the life we live now in Apricale: We are in the hills with the mountains at our backs and the Mediterranean just a few kilometers away. We like that. So we have taken what we learned from our Apricale experience and applied it to an area that is just a better fit in terms of day-to-day life, business, etc.

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Glasshaus Creative Studio | Camaiore (Tuscany), Italy

Glasshaus Creative Studio | Camaiore (Tuscany), Italy


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