Sterling Silver “Pandora-style” Charm: PISCES



Beautifully crafted, high-quality 92.5 Sterling Silver “Pandora-style” charm.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Finishing: Oxidized + E-coat
Silver weight: 1.6 g
Part Size: 11 mm x 11 mm

About Pisces: Imaginative and receptive. Indecisive, malleable, and dreamy. Can be vague and lacking in focus. Compassionate and good listeners. Often finds it difficult to say “no”. Good healers and often attracted to the mystical and romantic. Can be seen to be “wishy-washy” and unable to make decisions.

Rulers: Jupiter and Neptune
Element: Water
Birthstones: Aquamarine
Colors: sage green, white, mauve.


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Glasshaus Creative Studio | Camaiore (Tuscany), Italy

Glasshaus Creative Studio | Camaiore (Tuscany), Italy


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