Co-creators, in ways big and small – Thank you!

Co-Founder & Web Designer:

Tim James:
Co-Founder & Web Designer

Tim is a freelance web designer, glass artist & photographer.

Tim hails from a variety of cities in the states and has proven equal to his Sagittarian status by also living for a time in the UK, as well as in Italy for 13+ years (along with his equally adventurous wife and muse, Lily).

The couple now reside in the bustling hill town of Camaiore, Italy (Tuscany).

Lily Morda: Co-Founder & Story Author:

Lily Morda:
Co-Founder & Story Author

Lily is a writer, jewelry designer, mixed-media artist and musician/composer.

She is a Scorpio who has dedicated herself, and her work, to the psycho-spiritual task of “finding out what this thing we call life is really all about”.

Lily lives in Camaiore, Italy with her beloved husband Tim and their adorable Schnauzer, Siesta.

Peter Birch: Co-Founder & Social Media Wiz

Peter Birch:
Co-Founder & Social Media Wiz

Pete is a typical accountant; Passionate, innovative and exciting!

Observant and resourceful (typical Scorpio), Pete has traveled extensively and passed the Mensa exam (by mistake).

The archetypal English Eccentric, Pete lives by the sea with his seemingly more intelligent Labradoodle.

Leah Gray: Model, Jewelry Designer, Fashion Industry Consultant

Leah Gray:
Model, Jewelry Designer, Fashion Industry Consultant (and one of the muses for our story:)

Leah is a Gemini with so many planets in Leo, that, when the family astrologer first saw her chart, her advise to Leah’s mother, Lily, was to simply “put her on a stage”.

Having completed university in London, Leah currently lives and works in New York City.

Marcia Portess: Photographer

Marcia Portess:

Marcia lives in Vancouver on the west coast of Canada and is an avid photographer. Her interest began while living in Mexico in 1987 and continues to this day.

With the advent of computers and digital art she began to experiment with digital painting which morphed into digital painting/photo-manipulation.

Marcia has also designed jewelry for 25 years. She believes that all art is mystical and expresses something deep within. Her images can be viewed at:

Janina Aza Karpinska

Janina Aza Karpinska:
Artist, poet, writer, maker of devotional icons, and keen ukulele player and composer

Janina often uses a collage approach to her broad spectrum of arts practices, creating magic with torn paper & glue; scraps of fabric, needle and thread; driftwood & shells from the beach nearby; and bringing new life to items discarded as ‘useless’: thus living and enlivening the Art of Creative Redemption.

She believes limitations of all kinds (money, time, materials) can prove to be surprisingly rich catalysts for enforced creativity.

Linda Kaiser:
French Teacher / Photographer

Linda, thanks for your support, beautiful images and friendship!! (and your willingness to visit no matter which country we move to)

Sini Manner:

Sini has been taking photographs since single-digits; usually Barbie & Ken posing in the shrubbery…

With a background in music broadcasting & promotion, she has also worked as a freelance project contractor in a variety of business sectors from mixed media, finance, law & (unfortunately) government.

Sini enjoys capturing form and expression & will point her camera at anything that moves, or doesn’t. She is enthusiastic, fun, focused… and organised!

Co-creating glasshaus

And your high-quality images

Participate in the growth of this project while driving quality clients to your own endeavors. Our story “Missing Madam Z” is a VISUAL experience and is always in need of access to high quality imagery. We welcome donations of topic-specific images for use on our website. And it’s not just the warm and fuzzy glow of co-creation that you get in return, but also:

  • On-site acknowledgement of your contributions.
  • Inclusion of your bio blurb on this page, and even a nice little photo.

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Glasshaus Creative Studio | Camaiore (Tuscany), Italy

Glasshaus Creative Studio | Camaiore (Tuscany), Italy


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