The Living Novel:

Missing Madam Z is a living, growing, virtual novel, written before your eyes, and at times with your participation. New chapters are released twice monthly, its content inspired and directed, at least in part, by member interaction. Our hope is that members will teach, learn, evolve and grow along with the story’s characters.

Chapter 1 is available for everyone to read, while other chapters require FREE membership within our community as a SEEKER.

SEEKERS are guardian angels, of a sort. Not only do they assist the characters to change and develop in our ongoing story, but they also help the other members of our community to grow, as they themselves grow.

It’s FREE to join – Register today!

For more details on the how this project came about, please see “The Story of the Story“.

Sharing Solution Based Content:

Glasshaus is a community of Creatives and Thinkers who feel an overwhelming urge to tap into the potential found in each of us.

Ours is a spiritual, communal approach: Personal growth through the sharing of experience, in whatever form it may take; films, books, art, music, photography, the written word, the spoken word, etc.

Through this website’s interactive interface, we encourage members to share items that have made a difference in their own lives, such as Youtube videos, documentaries, books, etc. However, we ask members to post only Solution Based, thought provoking content rather than the bad news spouted ad nauseam by most media outlets.

What has had a positive impact in your life? Join us today and Share it! Help others learn as you learn. Together, we are infinitely more capable!

Co-Creating Glasshaus:

Your constructive, on-topic comments are always welcomed and appreciated. Members will be able to comment/participate in numerous ways, including a comment section at the bottom of each published chapter. Simply scroll down to the end of each page to post your comment.

Your high-quality images: Participate in the growth of this project while driving quality clients to your own endeavors. Our story “Missing Madam Z” is a VISUAL experience and is always in need of access to high quality imagery. We welcome donations of topic-specific images for use on our website. And it’s not just the warm and fuzzy glow of co-creation that you get in return, but also:

  • On-site acknowledgement of your contributions in the form of embedded ALT and Title tags (that can include a link directly to your website address) as well as a published credit caption.
  • Inclusion of your bio blurb on our Contributors page (and even a nice little photo).

Do you have a different kind of skill set that you would like to contribute, other than photography? Tell us! We are open to discussing all types of co-creation possibilities. Let’s work together to build an environment that is a positive reflection of ALL of us!



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The online novel, "Missing Madam Z", is a work of fiction. Any references to historical events, real people or real places are used fictitiously. Other names, characters, places and incidents are the product of the author's imagination, and any resemblance to actual events, places or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Glasshaus Creative Studio | Camaiore (Tuscany), Italy

Glasshaus Creative Studio | Camaiore (Tuscany), Italy


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