A note from the author of our story, Lily Morda, on the creation of the online living novel, Missing Madam Z:
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It is no secret that human beings love stories and storytelling. Maybe it is because stories, like life, are propelled forward at the same time that they are constantly reflecting back.

When we, as individuals, are not immersed in our own inner “theater” where we are both storyteller and the story itself, simultaneously, we often turn to the stories of others. Whether they are real or imagined, we look to the stories of others for knowledge, inspiration and entertainment. It is this tendency to fixate on the constant narratives of both the inner and outer experiences of ourselves and other humans, that sets us apart from other creatures within the natural world.

Or at least, that is the story that we tell ourselves…

Of course, as cultures evolve and change, so do their stories. But upon further reflection and study, it becomes evident to the beholder that stories throughout human history have echoed many common themes, regardless of the times in which they were written, set or told. One of the most interesting of these universal themes involves man as spiritual “pathfinder”.

In recent years we have seen many highly popular novels depicting the “adventurous spiritual seeker”, stories where both heroes and heroines alike, chase mysteries that lead to the discovery of personal, universal and sometimes, profoundly spiritual, truths. Novels like the Celestine Prophesies and the DaVinci Code, created an intoxicating mix of fact and fiction that left readers feeling “changed” by simply having read them.  This fascination with our own hidden spiritual legacy often lead many of us to further study and contemplation.   Astounded by the revelations hidden in our own mystical traditions, we continue to explore these concepts by incorporating their messages and themes into our own creative endeavors.

As with all novels, these stories mentioned above had already been written in full before their readers came along, so their narratives were fixed in stone, so to speak, and could not be altered by the reader’s perception or experience of them. But what if, we wondered, a “fictional”story could be molded and shaped by both its authors and its readers?…Would such a story actually take on life of its own?

We, the Creators of this site and the Missing Madam Z living novel, became personally intrigued by this question.

As our own personal stories continued to unfold, we found ourselves drawn together by a spark…an idea…which led to the concept of consciously creating yet another story-within-a-story of our own, one for and about others, as well as ourselves. And through our dialog with one another, we realized that just through the simple act of doing this, our own personal stories would change – inevitably intersecting and co-mingling with the stories of others both within and outside of our own imaginations… perhaps even changing the courses of our own lives…

And thus, upon further collective and individual reflection, the concept of the “Living Story” was born.

Missing Madam Z: An Interactive Mystery Of Intrigue, Self-Discovery & Divine Revelation

What is a “Living Story”? It is a story that unfolds and develops as it is written, and sometimes, even as it is read. Like life itself, the living story moves and changes as both overt circumstances and more subtle energies nudge it and dictate the plot. As the story unfurls over time, its narrative and characters become a sort of river, while the writers and readers alike, become the spirit tide that nudges the river’s flow.

To be in the Know is to be in the Flow. Many of us would agree with the assertion that at its core, life is as much a journey as it is a puzzle… And perhaps, even a spiritual game. As popular novels like those mentioned earlier have shown us through the quests of their protagonists, once the proverbial Seeker recognizes his/her own journey and embraces the game of life within his/her heart and mind…possibilities widen and open up, and one’s life becomes more interesting from an experiential point of view, almost instantly. One “clue” leads to another as the personal puzzle seems to complete itself. The essential ingredient to this phenomena is nothing more than one’s own focused awareness. Some call this new awareness “serendipity” and some may call it “synchronicity” or “correspondence”…but, whatever one calls it, the goal is to keep it coming!

What we are aiming to create here is a compelling, on-going narrative that entertains, teaches, informs and inspires those who are intrigued by the concept and breadth of a “living story”. Watch and participate, as the characters of this story become more and more animated as our collective inspiration and participation helps to assure that the story and its characters take on lives of their own.

Missing Madam Z: An Interactive Mystery Of Intrigue, Self-Discovery & Divine Revelation - www.Glass-haus.org

Become a Seeker/Guardian Angel

We, as Creators, have embarked on an on-going attempt to create our own virtual living environment where we can watch as our characters grow and develop in real time, with the subtle help and gentle guidance from You, their virtual “angels”.  So as you read or listen to individual chapters of our story, please feel free to comment often! This experiment or exercise, if you will, will interest those of us who have come to accept, as truth, the existence of the hierarchy of heavenly beings who dwell within multiple realms/aeons, as explained in the writings of such great Gnostic thinkers as Valentinus (ca.100 175 AD), Emanuel Swedenborg ca.1688-1772), etc., as well as by systems and oracles such as Astrology, the Tarot and the Kabbalah. This experience will hopefully give those of us who may aspire to become Guardian Angels ourselves one day, (if this is indeed possible), a chance to practice our “angel-craft” in a virtual world inhabited by living characters, while helping these same characters to grow, change and evolve…And ultimately to, perhaps, recognize the seeds of their own divinity.

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SEEKERS are guardian angels, of a sort. Not only do they assist the characters to change and develop in our ongoing story, but they also help the other members of our community to grow, as they themselves grow. Seekers have a real impact on this environment, through giving, learning and experiencing.

As a SEEKER you will be able to:

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